Highly-palatable isotonic solution for showpigs
Supports the rapid absorption of nutrients
Encourages fluid intake helping pigs cope with stress
A unique combination of amino acids, micronutrients and electrolytes

When to use Pink2Purple


Pink2Purple is designed to be used for pigs of all ages.


Used to help transition in farrowing and weaning with proven results


It can also be used to help during stressful events in a pig’s lifetime such as transportation or show day.

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Hydrate | Rejuvenate | Celebrate

Pink2Purple™ targets the small intestine to increase appetite while also increasing hydration, giving consistency in consumption through travel, sickness and stressful transitions.

The isotonic powder contains nutrients and key amino acids in the right concentration that nourish pigs’ intestines at the cellular level, so pigs continue moving throughout the show and have that extra eye appeal, bloom, and presence in the ring.

Pink2Purple comes in 1kg (2.2 lb) pouches (~66 servings)

This product is currently only available for distribution in the US.


“The versatility of Pink2Purple is underestimated. From on the sow, to the stress of weaning to enhancing absorption during crunch time.”

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